Betway XX SA20 Cricket Underway from Today

Posted on Tue January 10, 2023 in Cricket.

South Africa's version of the IPL T20 cricket is underway from today in Newlands Cape Town.

A proven breeding ground for young talent world wide it will be interesting to see the impact on South Africa and how the talent on showcase performs.

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With the major IPL franchises behind our teams I believe the event will be a success in all areas. A sold out first game today already a fantastic sign.

We look forward to seeing the new faces and names from SA cricket making strides against the international big names - that is exciting and perhaps we will see SA rising in the world rankings once again. It is sorely needed enthusiasm for the fans and supporters.

Its also encouraging to see Graeme Smith proving himself as an administrator and organizer to make this event happen, perhaps a promising career and the steady head required in the top position in the future.

After the dismal Australian tour by the Proteas perhaps this is what is needed for a "shot in the Arm" for SA.  Popular belief lays much of the blame at the SA Cricket administration that has bungled just about every strategy for the past number of years. 

From the handling of Graeme Smiths appointment and exit to the previous attempt at a T20 league SA Cricket is rumored to be in a financial and management crisis. Perhaps that is why we play about half the international tests, the local test series is limited and the players look like they need net practice to face the international teams. 

Poor shot selection, lack of technique and concrete shoes not extending on the front foot shots seemed to be the top order performance on any day. The players are just looked out of practice and given the level up presented by the Australians, even the bravest of hearts (and SA have plenty of heart) didn't stand a chance. 

Lets just be positive and hope that this showcase will reveal new aspiring talent, provide much needed funds and SA cricket can get back on the road to recovery. 

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